Ride Dynamics is a Gold Coast based Motorcycle Suspension Tuning Business. We cover all aspects of motorcycle suspension, for all types of motorcycles. From all out road racing machines to cruisers. From motocross weapons to adventure bikes and everything else in between. Initially Ride Dynamics was known as Salter Engineering, Salter engineering focused more on custom motorcycle alterations, and builds. Over the years we started to become more heavily invested in motorcycle rider training and suspension set ups.


 In 2014 we narrowed down our scope to only do Rider Development and Suspension Services. Toward late 2016 we found ourselves strictly working on motorcycle suspension with the occasional track rider customer also taking advantage of the rider training services. This prompted us to shift our focus 100% on helping people get the most from their motorcycles via suspension tuning, thus Ride Dynamics was born. Over the years of our own racing and achieving successes in the racing we did, we developed an understanding of the important parts of what it takes to make a normal motorcycle into a fantastic motorcycle. Realizing there is a severe lack of choice when it comes to performance motorcycle part options, Ride Dynamics started to look into providing parts alternatives to the common options already available.


K-tech, Accossato and Rock Oil were all products we had heavily used and favored over our time in racing, albeit imported from Europe at considerable expense to ourselves. So when we began looking for brands to offer our customers our first choices were those brands. Call it luck, call it fate but the pathways opened up to allow us to stock and promote these fantastic components and fluids and offer our customers expert advice and exceptional service, both of which we strive to achieve with each and every job and order we receive.


Ride Dynamics can offer a full range of motorcycle suspension services including advice, parts, repairs and upgrades. Ride Dynamics also has a pick up and delivery service for suspension components.  After further more Ride Dynamics can also provide you with some of the very best braking components and industry leading lubricants and cleaning fluids for your motorcycle.


Ride Dynamics is committed to providing its customers with a service that is efficient, accurate and reliable through honesty and close communication with our customers.  We guarantee our work and the products we sell all the time, every time!






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